Possible to run in VPS and other questions.

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Possible to run in VPS and other questions.

Post by djmap »

HI All,

I´m very newbie in this radio world.

I Have a resseler streaming account, and today i find Radio ToolBox, wow, RTB is a incredible job, we are here very impressed, Congratulations.

But, I have some Doubts:
Is it possible to run it in a VPS, so I can have the service running 24/7?
How could i create a File Compeser? Are there any strings to use, any tutorial?

I´m testing the service, and once more, CONGRATULATIONS for the great system

Kind Regards
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Re: Possible to run in VPS and other questions.

Post by Jay »

That would entirely depend on if you have windows. Right now Radio Toolbox is a windows application. It can run on server editions of Windows.

For File Composer, yes there are templates. The readme.txt included with your installation outlines all of the available templates.

Code: Select all






              # reflects the servers internal number
              %_SERVER_#_{STRING PARAM}_% // {STRING PARAM} is any paramter pulled from a specific server entry (EX: %SERVER_1_EXTENDED_TUNE_INS_% for Steamcast)

              # reflects the history entries list number

- Jay
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