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Video Streams
Station NameGenreQualityType
1.Mystery Science Theater 3000 -...
Playing: S08E15-Agent_for_HARM.nsv
VideoMediumTune In [1]
Audio Streams
Station NameGenreQualityType - The Mix Channel (70s,...
Playing: Maroon 5 - Daylight
Adult Top 40HighTune In [44] - Rock 181 (Active Rock...
Playing: Disturbed - The Vengeful One
RockHighTune In [42]
3.[XRM] - Electronic
Playing: Gabriel & Dresden - Closer
Electronic, Dance, TranceHighTune In [8]
4.[XRM] - Alternative
Playing: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
Rock AlternativeHighTune In [5]
Playing: FM4: You're at home baby | FM4 La Boum
Alternative MainstreamVery HighTune In [5]
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Projects Articles
Radio Toolbox 2.1.1 Rel:01/24/2015
Radio Toolbox 2.1.1Radio Toolbox brings some ease to site interaction, and to gathering stats about all of the servers inside your network. Server Support includes SHOUTcast (v1 and v2), Steamcast, Windows Media and Icecast2. Features include, a quite complete web administration panel, Script Notifier servce for sending stats to a Server through a server side language like PHP, ASP, or CGI. FTP Notifier Service for sending stats to a remote server via FTP and Mail Service for sending updates on your server information to your email.
[Download] - [Documentation]

Steamcast 1.0.0 decennium Rel:10/26/2014
Steamcast is a cross platform multimedia server which delievers the best of both SHOUTcast and Icecast in one package. Features include, SHOUTcast Style and Icecast2 style sourcing support, content agnostic media handling archetecture (allows MP3, AAC(+), NSV/A and countless others), support for the container format OGG, Webpanel, Media Player agnostic, ability to list on and Icecast2 style directories.Steamcast 1.0.0 decennium
[Download] - [Documentation]

Mp3 Toolbox 1.0 beta 6 Rel:12/01/2007
Mp3 Toolbox is an online php script which functions as an ondemand server as well as a a source for your Shoutcast/Live365 server. Functions planned include scheduled playlist sets, as well as functioning as a all in one server for all your streaming needs. See a Demo.
[Download] - [Documentation]

SSL Enabled for all of Radio Toolbox and EOS of Radio Toolbox v1.x by Jay 12/04/2014
Starting December 4, 2014 all HTML applications on have HTTPS enabled. This is a move to ensure your and our security. If you notice any issues with any of our services please inform us so we can fix any issues.

Over the course of the next year we will be moving all of our application services to HTTPS as well. Additionally, creation of legacy log accounts has now been removed. If you are interested in using Radiotoolbox's online log service, please use the latest Radio Toolbox v2. Support for Radio Toolbox version 1.x will end on December 31, 2015. So we advise you to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid interruption in service.

Steamcast 0.9.9 a big step forward in multimedia servers. by Jay 01/14/2014
Steamcast 0.9.9 a big step forward in multimedia servers.
I have made it no secret that I have been working on redesigning the Steamcast project to fulfill not only the original intent of the project but to look to a future that I envisioned many years ago.

I have expended countless weekends and vacations days working on building the next general purpose media server. With the help of my brother who drastically increased performance in the server as well as implementing next generation configuration capabilities. We feel that Steamcast has reached a level of muturaty that it must be tested by the public. If you are interested in trying Steamcast, go to

For those interested in getting started you can view this video.

Steamcast full Steam ahead by Jay 03/14/2013
So, with Radio Toolbox out of the way I decided to blow the dust off this old crusty abomination called Steamcast. I know that many of you thougth that the show was over and I agree, I had long abandoned the project for new opportunities, after all it met my goals and I went off and got a life. :)

But those lfie days are over and Steamcast is at the forefront of a new complete and total rewrite. If you are ever curious about what goes on in my head check out my Steamcast development server. I am sure you won't be disappointed by the changes.

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