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Documentation below will be very outdated. We are current working on updated documentation for Radio Toolbox v2 and Steamcast v1.

Radio Toolbox: [Documentation] - [Frequently Asked Questions]
Radio Toolbox brings some ease to site interaction, and to gathering stats about all of the servers inside your network. Server Support includes SHOUTcast (v1 and v2), Steamcast, Windows Media and Icecast2. Features include, a quite complete web administration panel, Script Notifier servce for sending stats to a Server through a server side language like PHP, ASP, or CGI. FTP Notifier Service for sending stats to a remote server via FTP and Mail Service for sending updates on your server information to your email.

Steamcast: [Documentation] - [Frequently Asked Questions]
Steamcast is a cross platform multimedia server which delievers the best of both SHOUTcast and Icecast in one package. Features include, SHOUTcast Style and Icecast2 style sourcing support, content agnostic media handling archetecture (allows MP3, AAC(+), NSV/A and countless others), support for the container format OGG, Webpanel, Media Player agnostic, ability to list on and Icecast2 style directories.

Mp3 Toolbox: [Documentation] - [Frequently Asked Questions]
Mp3 Toolbox is an online php script which functions as an ondemand server as well as a a source for your Shoutcast/Live365 server. Functions planned include scheduled playlist sets, as well as functioning as a all in one server for all your streaming needs. See a Demo.

Scramp: [Documentation]
Need Winamp to play DJ for you? Tired of the Winamp Shuffle logic repeating the same 4 songs, download scramp. On the to do list are Song History tracking for absolutly no repeats. Artist History tracking for DMCA compliance. Communication to Radio Toolbox Basic and Pro for webcontrol of your station.